Bates Cargo-Pak is a revolution in securing and safeguarding cargo. It is based on a simple idea: Airbags are placed in the gaps between cargo and inflated with air and are functioning as void fillers. The cargo is now secure and stabilized, and effectively protected against costly transport damages… ready for the long haul. Bates Cargo-Pak is the optimal solution against defects and damage, expensive compensation claims, and the loss of good-will in a modern world based on “just in time”.

Airbags that can withstand loads up to 30 tons

Bates Cargo-Pak is constructed with an outer material consisting of several layers of heavy-duty wet strength paper, and a strong multi-layer film inner material, giving the airbags maximum strength and ultimate airtightness.

The material that our dunnage bags are made from has a high friction value, ensuring the airbag or dunnage bag does not shift during transport.
Product range with many possibilities. Inflatable airbags from Bates Cargo-Pak are available for one-time use and repeat use. They come in many different sizes from 60 x 110 cm to 120 x 240 cm. Customized solutions are available upon request.

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Flex Bates Cargo Pack Airbag

Flex consists of two layers of special paper, ensuring maximum strength and low weight of the airbag. On the inside Flex consists of three layers PE quality film, which is co extruded, ensuring an ultimate airtight seal.

Inflation Equipment

We recommend, that you always use the original inflation equipment and a reliable compressor to inflate airbags from Bates Cargo-Pak. We offer different types of inflators; Bates Flex Inflator, Bates standard Inflator and Bates Quick Inflator and a wide range of accessories.

Reusable Bags

Reuse is used to secure cargo, which is to be transported by sea, container, rail or road and is at risk of being exposed to loads up to 14 tons. The empty airbag should be placed in the gaps between the cargo and infl ated using compressed air. The airbag assumes the precise shape of the gap and supports and stabilises the cargo effectively during transport. The airbag can be used several times.