Portable Weighbridge For Sale

Portable Weighbridge For SaleWith a short assembly time compared to other weighbridges, the portable scales are easy to carry and reassemble. These weighbridges don’t need a base, they have a solid surface on which to lay load cell plates.

Weighbridges are generally used when there are cost or time constraints. Axle scales and portable weighing pads are other alternatives for portable weighing needs.

Steel scales are equipped with ramps. These transferable/portable weighbridges contain a steel top plate followed by a load cell and underframe. A smooth and hard surface is required for laying the underframe. We supply and manufacture a wide range of fully certified, portable, self-contained and movable weighbridges that are easy to install.

Use in the construction industry

 Advantages of portable scales:

  • Traffic light signaling is available
  • Static and dynamic weighing

A portable weighbridge is an affordable option for both commercial and non-commercial operations.

Basically, this type of weighbridge is similar in construction to an overhead weighbridge, using rectangular concrete slabs for the load-bearing area.

They also include a removable frame that serves as a solid support base for the load cell and platform.

Characteristics of portable weighbridge:

  • Requires less maintenance.
  • Security for built-in lighting.
  • Ensure optimal calibration levels and stable performance when load cells are trimmed to the last microvolt.
  • The weight sensor is tried and tested in practice.
  • Increased security is guaranteed and thus fully protected from manipulation.
  • Support and production by a team of experts are available.

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