Carton Strapping Machine (Box Strapping Machine)

Carton Taping Machine from VibgyorCarton strapping machine is a packaging machine that is used in various industries such as food, beverages, raw materials, medicines, chemicals, and others. This machine is strong, durable, and efficient with an auto stacking function. A special tape guide system sets a wider band range to make up for the price. This machine features instant, fast heating and produces strapping, and is designed to be integrated into a stand-alone production line or machine. Strapping machine is suitable for light products as well as large and heavy products and others.

What is a strapping machine used for?

It is used to strap boxes and containers together for shipping to remote locations. Its purpose is to protect the inner material and prevent it from escaping from the box, which could cause damage or damage to the delicate parts of the object or product.

Automatic carton packing machine (Box Strapping Machine)

Automatic box strapping machine ties boxes and cartons with bands, metal straps, or wire at regular intervals based on the sorts of boxes that can be sealed with extreme caution to preserve the goods.


  • There are various types of strapping machines that are manufactured according to consumer standards and requirements and are sold in the market.
  • The machine is equipped with various functions which can easily adjust crank, leg height, etc.
  • Machines are available in different sizes depending on the space you have available for installation.

Carton and Box Strapping Machine

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Automatic Machine VIPL 026EA / 027EA

– Rugged Construction for continuous duty
– Operator Friendly
– Easy Maintenance
– No Oiling and Greasing

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Pallet Strapping Machine VIPL 400

Pallet Strapping Machine VIPL 400 – from Vibgyor International

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VIPL 025

VIPL 025 – from Vibgyor International

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VIPL 025e

VIPL 025 – from Vibgyor International

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VIPL 107B – from Vibgyor International

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