SEALED AIR® brand Shanklin® shrink tunnels are well suited to a variety of shrink wrap applications.
Shanklin® shrink tunnels are recognized for durability, design excellence, and quality manufacturing. Our shrink wrap tunnels are flexible, dependable, and ready to take on your toughest shrink wrap challenges. Shanklin tunnels are an ideal match for our automatic wrappers and your choice of varying tunnel passage dimensions ensures that there’s a model just right for your application.

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Dual-Chamber Shrink Tunnel

Customize the shrink conditions to each unique package with two independently controlled tunnel temperatures. Shanklin® dual-chamber shrink tunnels solve the most persistent shrink challenges: keeping up with high-speed automatic wrappers, processing products with heat absorptive surfaces, and tightly wrapping irregularly shaped products.

Large-Capacity Shrink Tunnel

Shanklin® large-capacity shrink tunnels are made with varying heights and widths, making these spacious tunnels ideal for wide, low-profile, or bulky products.

Single-Chamber Shrink Tunnel

High-speed wrappers present multiple shrink challenges. Shrinking high volume, heat absorptive surfaces, or irregular shaped packages is what Shanklin® single-chamber shrink tunnels have been designed to perform with ease. A longer single chamber increases shrink capacity at higher speeds, and the fully controllable air temperature and velocity allow you to customize shrinking conditions to the application.