Shrink Tunnel Wrapping Machine

The Shrink Tunnel uses a conveyor belt and heat to maintain a constant temperature in the tunnel space. Shrink tunnel is most commonly used for heat-shrinkable packaging. The three main types of shrink tunnels are forced air, infrared, and steam tunnels.

A Shrink Tunnel Wrapping is a heated tunnel with a conveyor system running through the tunnel. The heat setting and speed of the shrink tunnel conveyor can be adjusted to properly heat the shrink film. The heat applied to the shrink film causes the film to adhere firmly to the product within the film. Shrink tunnel serves a wide range of retail, food packaging, and industrial packaging.

It is a great option for increasing production while providing consistent shrinkage rates for all products. There are various tunnels such Dual-Chamber Shrink Tunnel, Large-Capacity Shrink Tunnel, Single-Chamber Shrink Tunnel, etc.

Each shrink tunnel has many differences including speed, feet, control panel, and more. Below is complete information on each Shrink Tunnel Wrapping Machine. Contact us for other available Shrink Tunnel Wrapping Machine. Vibgyor international is the best supplier of Shrink tunnel wrapping machine.

Shrink Tunnel Wrapping Machine – Vibgyor

Shrink Tunnel Wrapping Machine from Vibgyor

Dual-Chamber Shrink Tunnel

-High-speed, dual-chamber tunnel, each with independently controlled temperature and air velocity
-Two models offer varying tunnel passage dimensions for diverse shrink wrap applications
-Available in stainless steel construction

#1 Shrink Tunnel Wrapping Machine

Large-Capacity Shrink Tunnel

-Precisely engineered hot air circulation pattern produces tightly shrink-wrapped packages
-Optional live roller conveyor recommended for wide, heavy products and rolls wrapped in polyolefin or PVC shrink films
-Pairs with the Shanklin automatic L-sealer

#1 Shrink Tunnel Wrapping Machine in India

Single-Chamber Shrink Tunnel

-60-in single-chamber tunnel facilitates increased shrinking capacity at higher speeds
-Fast conveyor speeds, from 25 to 150 ft per minute
-Powerful hot air system keeps pace with the most demanding use