SEALED AIR® brand and CRYOVAC® brand shrink films wrap a wide range of product shapes, weights, and sizes, from large consumer goods, to oddly shaped and smaller “pick and pack” parcels. With enhanced seal strength and durability, our films perform better than significantly thicker competitive materials. Keep your products safe during storage and handling while reducing raw materials and energy consumed in the manufacturing process.

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CorTuff® Shrink Films

SEALED AIR® brand CorTuff® high-abuse shrink films are the strongest shrink films on the market. This film can be used as a primary shipping media that can go head-to-head with bulky corrugate, heavy-gauge polyethylene, and clamshells. CortTuff shrink film's unprecedented strength is abuse- and tamper-resistant to ensure your product's protection during the most abusive distribution channels and still has great retail shelf appeal.

CRYOVAC® Brand Shrink Films

Patented CRYOVAC® brand micro-layered shrink films offer superior shrink, strength, and merchandise appeal, as well as source reduction without compromising performance. CRYOVAC® brand CT series films incorporate up to 50 discrete micro-layers compared to conventional shrink films (typically just one to five layers). CRYOVAC® brand shrink films provide unique high-abuse properties and performance, with up to 50% packaging weight reduction.

Impact Shrink Films

Impact Strength When you need it most Our most advanced multi-layer cross-linked high performance shrink film offering unmatched toughness and versatility for a wide variety of shrink packaging applications. Advanced resin and process technology provides the highest strength-to-thickness ratio currently available in a polyolefin shrink film.