3M Tapes and Adhesive Suppliers in Delhi

Vibgyor International is the best 3M Tapes and Adhesive Suppliers in Delhi. We offer wide range of Tapes and Adhesives, which are created in our high-tech manufacturing facility. With our expertise, we provide a full range of Tapes and Adhesives in standard and custom-made forms. Furthermore, the materials used to create these tapes are sourced from reliable and well-known market vendors.

Tapes and Adhesives are a material and an adhesive film combination that is used to join items together as an alternative of using welding, fasteners and screws. Adhesive tapes are ideal for automated product manufacturing, whereas liquid adhesives are messy and time-consuming to apply because they must be sprayed or rolled onto the surface prior to bonding.

Pressure sensitive adhesive tapes, thermally activated adhesive tapes, and even moisture sensitive adhesive tapes are available. Please contact us if you have any questions about Industrial Tapes and Adhesives.

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