Liquid Nitrogen Doser System

Cryotech International, a division of Chart Inc. USA, collaborated on this project. Based on which, we have recently introduced a Liquid Nitrogen Doser System to the Indian Packaging Industry. Liquid Nitrogen Doser (LN2) equipment can be used for inserting/ nitrogen flushing as well as pressurization. These LN2 systems are ultra-efficient, double walled, and vacuum insulated, and use advanced vacuum technology for cryogenic transfer.

The Cryotech Liquid Nitrogen Doser, which is typically installed after the filler and before the capper, dispenses a precise amount of LN2. When LN2 (-320F/-195C) is introduced into the container, it immediately absorbs heat and expands 700 times into gaseous nitrogen. When gaseous nitrogen is confined in a container, it creates pressure and stiffens the container.

Inserting applications allow rapidly expanding nitrogen to escape before the product is sealed, flushing oxygen out of the container. All systems are simple to use and can be integrated into new or existing product lines. We can assist you in lowering operating costs, extending shelf life, and improving product integrity. For any query related to Liquid Nitrogen Doser System feel free to contact Vibgyor International Pvt. Ltd.

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