Liquid Nitrogen Injection System our recent step towards bringing in new technology in Indian Packaging Industry in collaboration with Cryotech International, a Division of Chart Inc. USA. The liquid nitrogen (LN2) dosing equipment can be used for inerting/nitrogen flushing and pressurization applications. Using advanced vacuum technology for cryogenic transfer, these LN2 system are ultra-efficient, double walled, vacuum insulated. Typically installed after the filler and before the capper, the Cryotech doser dispenses a measured amount of LN2. Once the LN2 (-320F/-195C) is introduced into the container, it immediately picks up heat and turns into gaseous nitrogen, expanding 700 times in the process. When trapped inside the container, the gaseous nitrogen creates pressure and adds rigidity to the container. For inerting applications, the rapidly expanding nitrogen is allowed to escape before the product is sealed, flushing oxygen out of the container. All systems are easy to operate and can be integrated into new or existing lines. Find out how we can help you reduce operating costs, prolong shelf life, and improve product integrity.

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