3M Carry Handles

Enhancing Consumer Experience and Improve Marketing Effectiveness
Make awkward or large items easier to carry. Whether applied at the check-out counter or on the factory floor, 3M™ Carry Handles are a simple way to add convenience for consumers while enhancing your marketing effectiveness. Handles can be custom printed to help promote your brand long after the consumer leaves the store.
3M™ Padded Carry Handles are made of material from well-managed FSC®-certified forests, recycled materials, and other controlled sources.

Product Categories

1. Applied at retail checkout
For a simple way to add convenience to your customers’ experience, 3M™ Carry Handles are easily attached to just about any product or package, providing a strong hold on large, awkward or heavy items. Our carry handles are a better environmental choice, cutting down on plastic waste and answering the call of the “ban the bag” movement taking hold across the nation.

3M Packaging Tapes:

Adhesive Carry Handles

2. Preapplied by Manufacturer
Increase sales by making it easy for consumers to grab and go with 3M™ Carry Handles pre-applied by manufacturers. Print up to 6 colors to prominently display your brand, coupon, promotion, barcode or other marketing message. These customized handles can be applied by hand, semi-automatically or by high-speed, fully automated applicators.

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